Function check_is_unique_index_list(std::vector<UINT>)

Function Documentation

__attribute__ ((visibility ("default"))) std __attribute__ ((visibility ("default"))) void chfmt(std __attribute__ ((visibility ("default"))) std bool check_is_unique_index_list(std::vector< UINT > index_list)

Returns a list of the first argument string separated by the second argument string. This function is non-destructive with respect to the first argument.


String separated by the separating string included in the first argument.(example: split(“aabcaaca”, “bc”) -> {“aa”, “aa”, “a”} Format the character string taken as an argument so that it can be passed by PauliOperator. This function makes a destructive change to the string given as the first argument.


True if there is a duplicate, false otherwise.

  • [in] s: The string to split.

  • [in] delim: Separating string

  • [in] ops: String with adjacent operator and subscript.(example: “X12 Y13 Z5” changes into “X 12 Y 13 Z 5”.) Check for duplicate indices in the array.

  • [in] index_list: Array to check