Class QuantumGate_OneControlOneTarget

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

  • public QuantumGateBase

Derived Types

Class Documentation

class QuantumGate_OneControlOneTarget : public QuantumGateBase

Class of fixed rotation angle gate controlled by 1 qubit for 1 qubit

Subclassed by ClsCNOTGate, ClsCZGate

Public Functions

virtual void update_quantum_state(QuantumStateBase *state)

Update quantum state

  • state: Quantum state to be updated

virtual QuantumGateBase *copy() const

Generate a deep copy of itself


Deep copy of itself

virtual void set_matrix(ComplexMatrix &matrix) const

Set gate matrix of itself

  • matrix: Reference variables to set matrix

Protected Types

typedef void() QuantumGate_OneControlOneTarget::T_UPDATE_FUNC(UINT, UINT, CTYPE *, ITYPE)
typedef void() QuantumGate_OneControlOneTarget::T_GPU_UPDATE_FUNC(UINT, UINT, void *, ITYPE, void *, UINT)

Protected Functions


Protected Attributes

T_UPDATE_FUNC *_update_func
T_UPDATE_FUNC *_update_func_dm
T_GPU_UPDATE_FUNC *_update_func_gpu
ComplexMatrix _matrix_element